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ASEAN +1 and +3 is working now. All embroidery lace import from Vietnam is duty free in China, Japan and Korea. There are big blooming purchase team in Vietnam market from 2011. They are look at the textile, garment and accessories, but also agriculture

越南出口蕾絲 刺繡品到中國,日本及韓國免進口關稅
自2011年 日本及韓國陸續湧進越南市場採購商品,紡織制品原料以及農產品
由於東南亞國協十加一及十加三 也就是 包括中國,日本及韓國
之外的東亞南十國都在這個免進口關稅的範圍內 享有零關稅的優惠